The new way to wait.

The digital pager and queue manager you need to enjoy the waiting experience at your favourite. Get notified directly to your phone when your order is ready.

Why Wayt?

Wayt Code

Your unique code is your identity at all your local favourites.

Digital Pager

You don't have to stand around to hear your name. You'll receive a text message when your order is ready.

Queue Manager

No more standing in lines waiting for your turn. Enjoy your life and you'll be notified when it's your turn.

How It works

Avoid tedious waiting and queues

It's Simple

One simple sign up for everything. Wayt for your food order or wayt for your turn at the salon.

Unique Code

Your unique code will will have your name and number ready in the system.

Auto Assign

Dont have wayt Code? Just Provide your name and number when ordering and you will automatically assigned your unique wayt code.

Wayt Effortlessly

Go and enjoy your life and wait for text to come back.



No, Wayt doesn’t need any apps just a simple sign up and you will receive a better waiting experience.
If you ordered at a wayt venue and provided your name and number it will automatically create a wayt code for you to use in the future
You will receive a text as well as an email with your wayt code. If you still can’t find it send us an email and we will resend it.
No, We do not advertise or send out your details to anyone, Wayt is purely for your convenience.

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